The Full Website

The most important part of planning your website is determining what you want your website to do.

There are many things a website can do. For example:

  • It can educate your prospects about your services and why they need them.
  • It can take payments for services online (yes, you can sell directly from your site without having physical product).
  • It can capture emails of perspective clients.
  • It can display locations of your office or the area you service.

Then there is the deeper question.

How do you get your prospects engaged with the information you provide?

And that is where a good web designer comes in.

The way to make your website the most powerful marketing tool in your arsenal is by designing it around the customer journey.

And that is what I do.

Your website has to work for you 24, 7 – every single day of the year.

It has to represent you when you aren’t there.

Let’s face it, people are stalking you online.

I will make sure you look good.

If you are a consultant or coach then it is imperative that it is congruent with who you are in real life.
It has to engage and create trust with your visitors, and it has to do it well enough for them take the next step with you.
And a good web designer needs to ensure this happens on your website.

So how much does a full website cost?

An expensive website it not necessarily a good website.  That goes for a cheap website too.

I will be completely honest with you, it is really hard to tell anyone how much a website will cost them unless I understand what it is that it required.

In saying that, I can appreciate needing to know an estimate.

You must understand that your individual wants and needs will vary any quote you obtain.

So you can budget and do your figures you can expect an investment anywhere from $3500 (+gst) AUD.

I can’t stress this enough – you need to be comfortable with the designer that you choose.

There are certain aspects where I am different to your ordinary webdesigner (my 10+ years of marketing being one of them), so I encourage you to book in a time with me to have a chat about what you need and want.

What If I Amp'ed Up The Power Of Your Website For You?

What would it mean to your business if you could connect with warm leads without having to lift a finger?

We have all heard the saying that the ‘sale happens on the call’, which means if you are a coach or consultant it is imperitive you get your prospect on the phone so you can hear their situtation, listen to their objections, and OFFER A SOLUTION.

And discover if they are a good fit for your business.

So that is what we will do.  We will give your warm leads, your website visitors an opportunity to book in to speak with you on the phone – without you have to lift a finger.

I will do this via automation.  And I will do this as part of the website build…

A Bonus When You Engage Me As Your Webdesigner

A website on its own is only half the story.
If your website doesn’t bring you sales then it is nothing more than an online brochure.
Nothing more than a waste of internet space.
When you engage me to design your website I will build for you a Consult Funnel
A Consult Funnel Includes:
  • A Landing Page
  • A Thank You Page
  • Integrations
  • Email Nurture Sequence
And I build this all on your website.
Don’t know what a consult funnel is? That is okay. I explain everything when we speak.


What are the next steps?

There really is so much to consider when planning your website.

Book in a time that suits you so we can discuss different options and most importantly, what you want your website to do.

I look foward to connecting with you.