Good websites are built on solid bones

The websites I build are based on WordPress and there are thousands of themes out there.  Some good, and some not so good.

Don’t use a free theme, and always pay for online support.

I never use free themes and I always pay for extra support.  It is false economy not to.  You want to be able to email support if something goes wrong and know you are going to get a solution.

Jump onto for a massive range of themes. You can easily filter for specifics if you want.

I personally use themes built by StyleMixThemes. They are awesome themes and their customer service is outstanding.

When choosing plugins, I often go with recommendations from other website builders.  I also pay attention to when the plugin was last updated, how many installations it has and I always read the reviews.

I have listed below plugins I religiously on every website I build.

  • Updraft Plus– this backs up your site, and yes, back it up to the cloud.
  • TinyPNG– this compresses all your images so your site speed is as quick as possible
  • PixelYourSite– this one is very useful for facebook…
  • Duplicate Post– this allows you to copy a post or page to a draft (very handy if you like the look of a page and don’t want to start from scratch!)

Too many plugins can slow your site down so it is super important to choose plugins that do what they say and that you use them.