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“I didn’t know where to start” –  Kylie Stephan

Kylie Stephan | Project Management Edge

As a new business owner, I knew I needed a professional online home that communicated with my ideal client the value I would provide to their business or outcomes.

The catch was, I didn’t know where to start.

There were so many conflicting opinions online about website design and the customer experience – and the worst bit, I didn’t have the knowledge or know-how to know what would work in my market or in today’s business environment.

After speaking with Anna, I felt a sense of relief.

Anna was able to understand the situation I was in and step out a plan for us to achieve where I wanted to get to.

What was unique was unlike many other providers I had spoken to, Anna was the complete package – she understood website design and customer journeys … and actually had the technical knowledge to implement the strategy!

The process of working with Anna was really collaborative and that was the highlight for me.

I was able to openly communicate with Anna and work together to deliver an online home for my business that is professional, contemporary and reflects my branding.

Anna's collaborative approach to design. She really listens to what you are looking for, and how much you understand and tailors the experience so that you learn as you work together and the end result is something even better than you had imagined.

Anna’s collaborative and professional approach to the design of my “online home” made what was quite a daunting experience for a new business an enjoyable learning journey.

Not only did Anna provide what she had outlined, but she went above and beyond to ensure that it met my requirements and I understood how I could manage my website.

I think this is one of Anna’s most valuable attributes – she leaves you with not only a beautiful finished product but also the knowledge to continue to support your site or delegate the management of your site.

Her passion and perfection make Anna the perfect choice if you would like to design and deliver your online home and customer experience journey with the best.

Case details

Kylie was in the position that many professional services providers find themselves in.  That tricky place of stepping out of corporate and into being a business owner.

Kylie was excited and focused about what she wanted to achieve.  She knew what she wanted but didn’t know how to ‘make it all happen’.

Stepping from corporate into self-employment is nerve-wracking and doesn’t always come with a clear path.

Kylie’s online presence had to reflect her corporate profile and as it was a new business.

The biggest challenge with Kylie was ensuring she felt confident in the process of her website build.  With very little of her content being tested in the marketplace, she was understandably cautious about stepping forward and making decisions.

Often I mold together the business strategy, my clients vision and goals along with being visually creative all while having a customer-centric focus.  For client’s that have never been through that process it can be unsettling.  Kylie didn’t realise that she was going to ‘ace it’ – and in time she saw it all come together.

During Kylie’s initial Strategy Session we identified her marketing funnel which her website is now based on. (This is my very first step before I start any design work).

Although the business was brand new Kylie had been working on her content for quite some time.  Kylie had invested in a business coach who helped her get her products and services formed, now we needed to get it to market.

Kylie needed an online presence that reflected her corporate career and engaged with her target market.

It is imperative when building a website that it is built around your marketing strategy and funnel.  With my processes, this is exactly what I did for Kylie – as I do all my clients.

Kylie’s ‘tribe’ valued her content and connections on LinkedIn, therefore, I designed an engaging landing page for her LinkedIn group.  A strong call to action was placed on her main slider for this landing page.

Kylie was already creating content for her blog – as these were also being published on LinkedIn –  a big emphasis was placed on my Content Marketing Toolkit.  This enabled Kylie to be organised with her content – and the promotion of her content – from the very start.

An optin landing page for her lead gen targeting her target market was created.  And CTA’s for this was placed in key areas of her site which ensured she captured all leads.

The single biggest focus for Kylie’s site was key messaging.  This has been accomplished on all pages of her site, allowing for her prospects to get a very clear and concise understanding of the areas Kylie provides coaching and consulting for.

Kylie now has an ‘Authority Website’ that fully supports on offline corporate image and is the hub of her knowledge and expertise.

Email Marketing is now Kylie’s focus which is the project we are now working on using Active Campaign.  This will allow the deliverability of her products and services to be customised to her target market and more importantly be automated – saving her time and money.