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“My website was like a bad house renovation” –  Kylie Chown

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Before working with Anna I felt overwhelmed with my website.

I knew it needed it to be better.

I knew I was missing out on opportunities and sales.

But didn’t know where to start and what to do.

Not to mention I didn’t really have the time to work on my website – let alone figure it all out. 

Anna was amazing to work with. She made the process easy and stress-free.

One of the best things about working with Anna is she has a process that works.

Her magic in knowing the customer journey brings a real and rare insight into the development of the website.

Not only does she develop the site but can help with automating your lead generation.

Anna's magic in knowing the customer journey brings a real and rare insight into the development of the website.

Anna takes the website next level by integrating her Active Campaign expertise.

As a result of working with Anna my website not only feels and sounds like me. But is working for me 24/7.

It has gone beyond a website to an active lead generating digital asset.

If you are looking for more than “just” a  website, talk to Anna!

Case details

Client name:
Kylie Chown
Brisbane, Australia
Professional Services

Kylie is very busy with her consulting and training but like most business owners, had attempted to build her own website.

As her consultancy grew, Kylie had less and less time to maintain her website so she kept adding pages without strategy or planning.

Using Kylie’s own words, her website was like a bad house renovation.  She had a lot of content all over the place.

Kylie’s No.1 lead generation had good opt-in numbers but unbeknown to her it was broken and was losing potential customers without her even realising it.

Kylie’s email marketing automation was like her website – messy with lists that were outdated and not maintained.

Kylie was busy doing the work and needed someone to support her.  To build her business she needed support to drive her Digital Marketing Strategy starting with her website all the way through to email automation marketing.

During Kylie’s initial Strategy Session we identified her marketing funnel which her website is now based on.

Together we mapped out the path her prospects and customers would take depending on how Kylie connected with them.

Kylie had key aspects she wanted on her website, however, there was also untapped potential that wasn’t being highlighted.

What Kylie had was a website for the sake of a website.  What she wanted was a powerful marketing tool that she could drive prospects to and engage with them.

Kylie’s website needed a total rebuild.

It is imperative when building a website that it is built around your marketing strategy and funnel.  With my processes, this is exactly what I did for Kylie.

Three different landing pages each targeting her target market were created which ensured she captured all leads.

Part of my process involved organising my client’s content marketing which I did for Kylie’s blogs and vidoes.  Kylie now has a Content Marketing Toolkit that she actively uses to organise her content planning.

Her new website is converting and is successful in allowing the customer journey to intuitively lead visitors fro prospect to engaged clients.

Kylie now uses Active Campaign for all her email marketing automation and is now leveraging the software for more complex tasks.

Overall, Kylie has a solid online home that is automated which saves her time and money.