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“I knew things needed to change” –  Kim Nicholson

Kim Nicholson | ACS HR Consulting Services

When I first met Anna, I was still in the initial stages of developing my business. I’d been operating for several years’ and had had the luxury of long-term repeat and word of mouth clients, so I’d never had a website, nor had looked at ways to further market my business.

For 2019, I knew things needed to change, but I didn’t know where to start and I didn’t really have the time.

Websites and marketing are definitely not my strengths, so I needed an expert like Anna to advise, guide and implement the best possible solution for my business.

Talking it all through with Anna, we quickly created a clear plan of action to build a website, so I could have an online presence and to market my business, 24/7.

For me, Anna’s style, approach, and process was simple, easy and free from any stress or hassle.

The outcome was beyond my expectations.

Suddenly I was on online with a fabulous looking website that I could immediately use for my marketing activities.

Before beginning to work with Anna I didn’t have a website or way to market my business. I was time poor and didn’t know where to start.

When I first spoke with Anna I was trying to put both of my businesses into the 1 website.

I’d done a framework, but I still wasn’t very clear on it and what I’d designed, looked very busy.

Anna very professionally advised me that this probably wasn’t the best way to go, that it would be more difficult for customers to have the best experience and it would also make things quite complex from a marketing perspective.

I wasn’t frustrated, but because I’d not ever put this level of focus on my business, I was incredibly nervous about taking the first steps.

What I loved about working with Anna is that she guides you through a structured process that really makes you think about what you need and want, but that’s also very organised, simple and easy to follow.

She gives you feedback based on her experience as to what she knows works best on a website and ensuring a great customer experience.

The outcome was beyond my expectations.

Like most entrepreneurs, including myself, Anna greatly underestimates her own talent and abilities. I have built a website several years ago for another business and I can remember being really stressed over the whole process. I had to check and triple check everything!

Keep doing more what you are doing and put yourself out there!

Anna was incredible to work with.

I highly recommend Anna when building either a 1-page website or a full one.

She openly shares her vast knowledge and experience in terms of what’s on trend, what works best in terms of website appearance, customer experience, etc.

Within weeks, I had a stunning looking website and marketing machine that works for me 24/7.

Once your website is built, Anna continues to look for ways to help you develop your business, ie, video topics, marketing automation tips, etc.

– Kim Nicholson

Case details

Client name:
Kim Nicholson
Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
Consulting Services

Kylie was in the position that many professional services providers find themselves in.  That tricky place of stepping out of corporate and into being a business owner.

Kylie was excited and focused about what she wanted to achieve.  She knew what she wanted but didn’t know how to ‘make it all happen’.

Stepping from corporate into self-employment is nerve-wracking and doesn’t always come with a clear path.

Kylie’s online presence had to reflect her corporate profile and as it was a new business.

The biggest challenge with Kylie was ensuring she felt confident in the process of her website build.  With very little of her content being tested in the marketplace, she was understandably cautious about stepping forward and making decisions.

Often I mold together the business strategy, my clients vision and goals along with being visually creative all while having a customer-centric focus.  For client’s that have never been through that process it can be unsettling.  Kylie didn’t realise that she was going to ‘ace it’ – and in time she saw it all come together.

During Kylie’s initial Strategy Session we identified her marketing funnel which her website is now based on. (This is my very first step before I start any design work).

Although the business was brand new Kylie had been working on her content for quite some time.  Kylie had invested in a business coach who helped her get her products and services formed, now we needed to get it to market.

Kylie needed an online presence that reflected her corporate career and engaged with her target market.

It is imperative when building a website that it is built around your marketing strategy and funnel.  With my processes, this is exactly what I did for Kylie – as I do all my clients.

Kylie’s ‘tribe’ valued her content and connections on LinkedIn, therefore, I designed an engaging landing page for her LinkedIn group.  A strong call to action was placed on her main slider for this landing page.

Kylie was already creating content for her blog – as these were also being published on LinkedIn –  a big emphasis was placed on my Content Marketing Toolkit.  This enabled Kylie to be organised with her content – and the promotion of her content – from the very start.

An optin landing page for her lead gen targeting her target market was created.  And CTA’s for this was placed in key areas of her site which ensured she captured all leads.

The single biggest focus for Kylie’s site was key messaging.  This has been accomplished on all pages of her site, allowing for her prospects to get a very clear and concise understanding of the areas Kylie provides coaching and consulting for.

Kylie now has an ‘Authority Website’ that fully supports on offline corporate image and is the hub of her knowledge and expertise.

Email Marketing is now Kylie’s focus which is the project we are now working on using Active Campaign.  This will allow the deliverability of her products and services to be customised to her target market and more importantly be automated – saving her time and money.