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“Where was the start of the list? It was over our heads” –  Michelle King

4×4 Rustproofing & Beachwashing

We were an independent startup.

We had no marketing plan, website, no plans or guidance or any idea of what our strategy should be or how to start at the top of the list and work down.

Where was the start of the list? It was over our heads.

Working with Anna was easy.

The one part that came without stress. It was dumped on someone (Anna) who took full control and did it all for me.

All was delivered as promised and I LOVED the marketing pictures.

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We love what Anna created for our online presence.

It is easy to navigate and professional.  Our website is usually the first point of contact.   It is attractive, well laid out, easy to find our information and looks and feels professional and safe which brings customers and calls our way.

Hands down better than all our competitors.

For our business SEO is really important. We went with Anna’s SEO contact she referred us to.  This boosted us hard and fast, but now we are going back to your original marketing advice for some long term solutions as well.


The email automation is our next goal in the (hopefully) not too distant future.

I recommend Anna because in the early days of a business every job feels like a mountain to tackle and it's stressful and never-ending.
Anna made me feel like her and her contribution wasn't a mountain but a team member who was supporting me and helping me through.

“Anna, you made me feel everything was ok.

I was drowning in work and stress and couldn’t see a way out and you basically said ‘it’s ok it’s normal this is what happens it’s good’.

You felt like a safe person instead of another job on my never-ending list.”

Case details

Michelle and her husband Dan were taking the giant jump into being business owners.  Michelle was nervous (verging on being terrified – she won’t mind me saying that) but she also had this undercurrent of confidence.

They wow’ed me by having all their numbers done, an accountant in place, a financial plan, and a budget.  They were serious about making it work.

Michelle had nothing in place online.  She needed domains, hosting, social media – the lot.  She was kicking goals offline, and needed someone to achieve her goals online.

Although Michelle lacked online marketing knowledge, she knew what she wanted.  SEO was a big part of that – she was adamant.  Building a website that SEO can be effectively implemented was just the first step.

The biggest challenge with Michelle was ensuring she felt confident and safe.  Michelle had a few freakout moments but we got through them.

I definitely felt the pressure of ensuring her vision came to life.

4×4 Rustproofing was brand new and needed a website that had SEO in mind during the build.

It also needed to be a website that spoke to their target market’s fun-loving lifestyle while instilling confidence that they were the best people to use.

We implemented pricing structures for each individual service and provided technical information about the products they used.  When a prospective customer landed on their site, it had to convert – especially when SEO was being invested in.

4×4 Rustproofing is now a very busy and profitable business.  All of Michelle’s anxieties have been replaced with an overwhelming amount of customers.

The SEO had to be ‘turned down’ within 6 months as they were struggling to keep up with demand.

Michelle and her family are now living the dream of being business owners servicing  4×4 enthusiasts like themselves.

They are going from strength to strength and still love their website.  And they are receiving awesome feedback from their customers love the site also.

Email Marketing, automation, customer onboarding, and retention will be the next steps for Michelle in the near future.