About Anna

My name is Anna Wilén Clark.  I am a Marketing Consultant.

I specialise in helping established busy business owners implement digital marketing systems. These systems are designed to nurture existing clients as well as convert new prospects.

In 2011 I established an online skincare business. Skincare retail is fiercely competitive with thousands of brands competing for the customer’s attention. I knew that if I didn’t master my marketing systems my business would fail. It was essential to build a loyal customer base that loved our products and referred their friends. I quickly realised that pro-active communication and the customer-experience were everything. They enabled me to grow a business with thousands of customers.

As a business owner, it can be challenging to find the time to put in place these marketing systems. For many it is overwhelming. And the learning curve is huge. Most business owners would rather have someone take care of this for them.

And this is what I do.

I am on a mission to ensure that business owners do not have an ad-hoc approach to marketing. It’s hard enough to get a new customer so once you have them you want to keep them. And it is the little things that will make a big difference. I am passionate about helping businesses delight their prospects and customers. This helps them to achieve even greater sales and success.

I leave my clients feeling that they finally have a system that is both nurturing and converting. They attract and convert loyal customers who become advocates for their business.

Business owners are not entitled to customers and sales.
They have to earn them.